We offer you the opportunity to get involved in digital media, building an attractive visual image for the community, with this we will take the best of technology and we will put at your disposal creating an effective Visual Identity, in order that you manage to expand your business towards a future more sustainable. Oderbiz helps you create a digital brand, its logo, its websites and everything that conforms to the visual identity of the company to be released to the public. We want people to talk and feel attracted to their company so we believe that it is fundamental to carry out a work identified and released it to the public, offering personality and connection.
Why should we have a Visual Identity?

80% of the information that we receive enters the brain through the eyes. Producing a visual identity design that is fundamental and preponderant to be part of the new era of business and not lag behind in an era where almost everything expands to the digital, being part of it is something imminent and daring to do it takes some time since almost all businesses already have a visual identity the point is to know how to use it in a practical and innovative way, precisely in this way, we`ll see the benefits and your business will take the course to a new step. To make a visual design has to be handle basic and it most have its own parameters that demonstrate what your company means so people will perceive you in a positive way and they will want to be part of it.

Points in favor for an effective Visual Identity
  • Identify ourselves among competitors
  • Qualification of the public towards the company
  • Generate expectation
  • Achieve commercial loyalty
  • Greater positioning in the market
  • Achieve connection and bonds of friendship with the community
  • Integration into digital native society